Knock knock

It's the world's first commercially available contactless doorbell.

Wave to ring!

In many cases, ringing a doorbell is the only necessary point of contact in an interaction. Deliveries, service desks, small businesses, homes, and more.

We've removed this point of contact to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the recovery phase. Meet the WaveBell! Activate by waving your hand over the bell. No touch required.

Currently sold out. Get in contact to enquire about bulk-preordering.


Feature filled, but simple and reliable.

Stick it to your door

Plug in the speaker and pair

Wave to ring!


Wireless. Powered by 3x AAA batteries.

Configurable volume and ringtone.

Fast to set up, simple to use.

Elegant and rugged design.

Two modes. Automatic (on approach) or manual (hand-wave).

Thanks for checking in.

We hope to:


Make contactless deliveries easier and safer;


Assist small businesses keep safe with a high throughput of customers;


And help the community minimise points of contact for short visits

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