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One WaveBell and speaker pair. Front face made from a beautiful and locally sourced Australian Rosewood, finished with Danish oil.

Since we're using real hardwood, each face will have its own personality - so yours may vary slightly!


SHIPPING: We currently only ship to Australia, the United States, and the UK. If you live elsewhere and would like one, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Rosewood WaveBell and Speaker Pai

SKU: WB001
  • 1) 3x AAA batteries (not included) into the doorbell unit.
    2) Plug the receiver unit into an outlet (AU plug) and press the pair button.
    3) Trigger the bell by waving your hand over it. This pairs the units and (the receiver should chime).
    4) Adjust volume and ringtone as desired.


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Crafted and based in Queensland Australia