What is the detection range?

In the automatic configuration: About 3 meters.
In the manual configuration: About 5 centimeters.

How long will it take to ship?

Australia: From mid-July, orders shouldn't take more than five business days.

United States: International orders may be delayed due to the less frequent air freight runs. We advise that orders may take up to two weeks.

Is it waterproof?

It can't be submerged, but it can handle the odd splash or two. Best to keep it out of the rain though!

Where do you ship to?

For now, just Australia and the United States. If there is enough interest in other regions, we will see what we can do!

How far apart can I place the two units?

We've tested about 50 meters, though it depends how much stuff is in the way.

Can you do other finishes?

Soon! We're working on aluminium. That will come later. Let us know in the chat if you really want aluminium, and depending on interest level, we may be able to get it to you prior to official release!

Who are you?

We're based in Queensland, Australia. We're a team of product design specialists who love to create products to benefit people.

Why did you create the Wavebell?

We order a lot of large shipments for our product design studio. We usually rely on carrier signature on delivery, but due to the ongoing pandemic, carriers no longer do this, and sometimes don't ring the doorbell.

This unfortunately means our packages can be left out for far longer than usual, and are at risk of theft or weather damage.

We understand and respect why our carriers won't touch our standard doorbells - and we don't want them to be at risk if we get sick.

That is why we've created the contactless doorbell. It works for us, and it works for them.

Any other questions?


We're a small team of professionals based in Australia. Nice to meet you!


Crafted and based in Queensland Australia